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3DL: Grassroots Momentum

An Incredible Day

Our last Saturday could not have been more successful. We had volunteers rolling into our Luz for Mayor office all day long. We had dozens of volunteers knocking doors and even more making phone calls. These volunteers drive our grassroots campaign and have built some serious momentum leading into the final days of the campaign. We can't thank our team enough.

Join Team Luz for the Final Push

The weekend is almost over. Then we have Monday and Tuesday before our campaign work is done. Can Luz count on your support these last few day? We ask for just 2 hours of your time and you can choose any time during our volunteer hours, which are:

  • Sunday: Anytime from 9:30am to 5pm.

  • Monday: Anytime from 1:30pm to 8:30pm

  • Tuesday (E-Day): Anytime from 7am to 7pm

Click HERE to sign up to volunteer for any shift.

Support Luz

There are 4 big ways to support Luz for Mayor. Here they are:

1. Vote and Get Everyone You Know To Vote.

If you're one of the many who have yet to vote, let's get that ballot turned in. Any questions on where or how to vote? Click HERE. Then, make sure you talk to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to make sure they vote Luz for Mayor!

2. Show Your Support On Social Media.

Don't keep your support for Luz to yourself. Share it! Take a selfie casting your ballot, write a post or tweet about why you voted Luz, use #IVotedLuz in your post or tweet, and add our Facebook Frame to your profile picture.

3. Volunteer on the Campaign.

Nothing makes more of an impact than you. Your time and energy are what drives our grassroots campaign. Click HERE to sign up to volunteer for any shift.

4. Dig Deep and Pitch In.

We have one last round of bills for our final push to Get Out The Vote (GOTV). If you can dig deep, we could use your financial support. Click HERE to donate.

3 Days Left! Let's Finish Strong!

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