• Richard Jaramillo

Campaign Flexing

This morning, Team Escamilla did double-duty. This morning we had Reps. Angela Romero and Sandra Hollins leading a canvass for Luz in Poplar Grove. At the same time, we had Rep. Jennifer Daily-Provost and former Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck leading a canvass for Luz in the Avenues.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Luz made it to both locations to kickoff the canvassing and thank volunteers for giving their energy and efforts to help our grassroots campaign spread Luz's message across the city. Luz will be out canvassing for a bit, then hold a couple meetings before heading over for a backyard BBQ at the Hollins' house this afternoon.

Team Luz is firing on all cylinders as we gain momentum and head into GOTV time once ballots drop next week.

Team Luz staging at Poplar Grove Park on the Westside.

Team Luz staging at Lindsey Gardens Park in the Avenues.

Are you with Luz? If so, now is the time we need you to step up. Join us as we reach out to voters and let them know about Luz, her vision for Salt Lake City, and why she's the champion our city needs. Sign up at luzformayor.com, email us at luz@luzformayor.com, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @luzformayor, or stop by the campaign office at 156 E. Harvey Milk Blvd (900 S.).

You make all the difference. Join Team Luz!

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