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E-Day is Here, Polls are Open

The time has come. Election Day is here. Polls are open.

As of last night, the County Clerk reported (of those whose voter info is public) just 26,404 ballots have been received. We have estimated that turnout would be between roughly 45,000 and 48,000 ballots (50%-55% turnout). So we're looking at a just over half of what we expected submitted. That leaves a range of roughly 18,500 to 21,500 ballots still to be cast today or delivered over the next few days.

In any case, while we're hoping for a strong showing when the initial numbers are reported this evening, that's only the beginning. Like the primary, it may be a few days before we have a solid sense of whether we won or not.

What all this means is: every vote counts. And there's still time to make a difference in this election.

Here's how you start:

1. Vote. And Get Everyone You Know To Vote.

If you're one of the many who have yet to vote, let's get that ballot turned in. Any questions on where or how to vote? Click HERE. Then, make sure you talk to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to make sure they vote Luz for Mayor!

2. Show Your Support On Social Media.

Don't keep your support for Luz to yourself. Share it! Take a selfie casting your ballot, write a post or tweet about why you voted Luz, use #IVotedLuz#IVotedLuz in your post or tweet, and add our Facebook Frame to your profile picture.

3. Volunteer on the Campaign.

Nothing makes more of an impact than you. Your time and energy are what drives our grassroots campaign. On Election Day we will still be going strong all day long. Click HERE to sign up to volunteer for any shift.

4. Dig Deep and Pitch In.

We have one last round of bills for our final push to Get Out The Vote (GOTV). If you can dig deep, we could use your financial support. Click HERE to donate.

Let's go win this!

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