• Richard Jaramillo

Pioneers Yesterday & Today

Today we remember the Mormon pioneers who entered the Salt Lake Valley and settled what would become our capital city. In Salt Lake City, we celebrate in many different ways. Some folks like to camp out for that perfect spot on the Days of '47 Parade route. Many hold a cook out with friends and family (some make it a Pie & Beer Day celebration). Others take to the outdoors to enjoy Utah's incredible recreational activities. Of course, a lot of people will still head into work. In any case, we hope everyone is enjoying at least part of the day in their own way.

Today is also a day to reflect on modern-day pioneers who are the first in their own way. Luz is a pioneer. As an immigrant, Luz shares in the pioneer experience of venturing into a new place and making it their home. In her public service, Luz was the first Latina and the first immigrant to be elected to the Utah State Senate. She was also the youngest State Senator elected. Now, a working mother and running to be Salt Lake City's first Latina, immigrant, woman of color to hold the office of Mayor.

It's been a light day on the campaign. Our office is alongside the parade route so we had to close shop for the day. However, we began with a fun Meet & Greet event and Luz will attend a few Pioneer Day events to campaign (and celebrate).

The nerve-racking part of this Pioneer Day is that ballots just started hitting mailboxes yesterday and so now Team Luz is kicking it into high gear as we contact our supporters to get out their vote. We're also still reaching out to undecided voters to introduce them to Luz, let them know where she stands on the issues, and share with them her vision for Salt Lake City.

If you're a Luz supporter, join us! We can always use volunteers on the campaign as we knock doors and make phone calls (Sign Up HERE). Most importantly, talk about this election and why you're supporting Luz. Post and share info about Luz on social media. Talk with your neighbors, your family, your coworkers. Commit to turning out 10 voters for Luz (or more!). Of course, we're still accepting financial contributions, too (you can donate HERE).

Enjoy the holiday and Go Luz!

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