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Top Reasons to Vote Luz

We've knocked over 30,000 doors in this campaign and have had many conversations with voters at their homes and various events throughout the city. Here's the top reasons we've found people are voting Luz for Mayor:


Aside from Luz’s 11 years in the State Senate, she’s been a business executive, a small business owner and is the only candidate with experience in the executive branch of government. These administrative, managerial and business skill sets are critical to oversee the city's 3,000+ employees and overcome the complicated challenges our city faces.

Learn more about Luz's story, her experience, and her resume at luzformayor.com/experience


Luz has a vision for a Salt Lake City that is sustainable; a city government that is well-managed; neighborhoods that are safe; and a thriving economy that benefits all of us.

Learn more about Luz's vision and where she stands on the issues at luzformayor.com/vision


This election will determine the direction of our city and sends a powerful message to the world that Salt Lake City can elect a Woman of Color, a Latina, and an Immigrant as its Mayor. It says who we are and shows we value inclusion.

Luz has endorsements from elected officials, community leaders, organizations and everyday residents. See who's with Luz at luzformayor.com/withLuz

There are, of course, many reasons to vote Luz for Mayor and you can find many on luzformayor.com.

If you're with Luz, we need you to take action!

Here's how you can help us finish strong:


You should have received your ballot by now. The sooner we can count on your vote, the better. For information about how you can vote, visit: luzformayor.com/voteLuz


On your social media, let your networks know why you're supporting Luz for Mayor. Use #IVotedLuz and #LuzforMayor in your posts/tweets/instas. On Facebook you can also add our "I'm with Luz" frame to your profile picture (click HERE for the frame).


Commit to Turning Out 10 Votes for Luz

Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Tell them why you're voting Luz for Mayor and share the Top Reasons to Vote Luz above.


Our grassroots campaign thrives on volunteers helping us connect with voters. Sign up for a volunteer shift at luzformayor.com/gotv


Every campaign needs money to help get its message out. Our campaign has relied on more low-dollar donors and less PAC money than our opponent and every bit gets us closer to our goal. If you can spare it, make an investment in better government in City Hall: Donate to Luz for Mayor.

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