• Richard Jaramillo

We Remember

It’s been 18 years and the stories, the images and the memories of September 11 are still so vivid and painful. Today we remember those lost, honor the heroic efforts of first responders, and commit ourselves to national service.

While 18 years have passed, we must also never forget the lessons from 9/11 in terms of public safety. Our city is growing. With national and international attention, like the United Nations Civil Society Conference or a prospective return of the Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City can easily find itself a target for terrorism, whether foreign or domestic.

It’s important that our city remain vigilant and plan for every contingency from natural disaster to terrorist threat. We hope such planning will never need to be implemented; however, we cannot afford to be caught unprepared.

Today, we will take a moment of silent reflection on this meaningful day of remembrance. Then we will resume our campaign efforts to ensure Salt Lake City has the champion it needs.

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