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SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski

Rep. Sandra Hollins

Rep. Angela Romero  

Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost 

Rep. Stephanie Pitcher 

Rep. Elizabeth Weight 

Rep. Karen Kwan

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss

Former Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Former Rep. Jennifer Seelig

Former Rep. Sophia DiCaro

Former Rep. Janet Rose

Sen. Jake Anderegg

Sen. Gene Davis

Sen. Jani Iwamoto

Sen. Karen Mayne

Sen. Kathleen Riebe

Former Sen. Brian Shiozawa

Former Sen. Brent Goodfellow

Former Sen. Alicia Suazo

Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera

S.L. County Council Member Arlyn Bradshaw

SLC School Board Member Nate Salazar

Former SLC Councilwoman Joanne Milner



David Garbett 

Former Mayoral primary candidate 

A. Scott Anderson 
President & CEO of Zions Bank

Dane Hess 
Glendale Community Council Chair

Carol Gnade 
Pride Center former Executive Director

Cherise Udell 
Founder, Utah Moms for Clean Air

Richard Goldberger

Former Mayoral primary candidate 

Rainer Huck 

Former Mayoral primary candidate 

Dr. Kristen Ries

Maggie Snyder

Babs De Lay

Dr. Jennifer Plumb

Judi Hilman

Dr. Forrest Crawford

Betty Iverson

Dennis Matthews

Celina Milner 

Becky Moss

Victoria Petro-Eschler

Victoria Karpos

Ermiya Fanaeian

Mike Harman

Cherie Byars

Mariah Fralick

Michael Gavura

Gregoria Alegria

Michael Clara

Nathaniel Eschler

Marie Ruesch

Kaletta Lynch

Silvia Martinez

Cindie Walker

Truman Clawson

Laura Orcutt

Rebecca Sims

Sana Muller

Clare Valles

Braidan Weeks

Lorraine Jackson

Suzanne Dailey

Bryce Williams

Erin Finney

Danielle Hawkes

Aaron Butler

Dolores Salters

Annalyn Hegemann

Javier Alegre

Eryn Sacro

Carolyn Heuser

Shayla Barney

Marissa Peterson

Shandra Benito

Rebecca Sykes

J Michael Bennion

Chalea Grant

Josie Valdez

Kim Myers

Sarah Sun

Haley Ackerman

Erica Walters

Jonathan Ruga

Aaron Torres

Teresa Benedict

Julie J. Nelson

Antonella Packard

Bill Fisher

Becky Suazo

Edward Diaz

Kristalynn Appiah

Janet Ramirez

Emily Bingham

Jennifer Miller-Smith

Alan Naumann

Breanna Kirkbride

Salt Lake Education Association

Utah Environmental Caucus

Planned Parenthood Action Council

The Ute Indian Tribe

Utah Cultural Alliance

Women's Democratic Club of Utah

Salt Lake County Hispanic Democratic Caucus

Salt Lake County Democratic Black Caucus

Salt Lake County Democratic Progressive Caucus

Salt Lake County Democratic Disability Caucus





Sen. Jani Iwamoto

"I have had the privilege of working with Luz Escamilla as a colleague in the Utah State Senate. Luz has been very successful in passing complex and meaningful legislation which impacts our quality of life, including environmental protections, economic development and the rights of the underserved. She could not have succeeded without the ability to work with those on all sides of the aisle. In leadership, I have seen Luz go to work on the state budget. Luz will bring that expertise and knowledge to Salt Lake City, the city she loves and fights for as a State Senator. Luz will continue to serve with integrity, respect and passion. That's why I'm with Luz for Mayor!"

--State Senator Jani Iwamoto

S.L. County Sheriff Rosie Rivera

"I'm Sheriff Rosie Rivera and I am supporting Luz Escamilla for Salt Lake City Mayor. During my term as Sheriff, I have been able to work with Luz in several ways. What I noticed right away was how much she cares about her family and her community. She wants to make Salt Lake City safer by reducing violent crime and supporting victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Luz is a 'get things done' leader and I am confident that she will serve the residents of Salt Lake City with the utmost integrity and honesty. I ask you to vote for Luz Escamilla for Salt Lake City Mayor!"

--Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera

Sen. Gene Davis

"I have known Luz for a number of years. I know her to be committed to the issues at hand, be it air quality, the Inland Port, or issues of social justice. I have found her to be forceful strong in her commitment. I'm supporting her for Salt Lake City's next mayor and ask you to vote for our city's future."

--State Senator Gene Davis

Babs De Lay

"Luz and her husband /kids live in Rose Park and are obvious fans of the area as well as me. I actually got to know her when we both served on the state board for the Utah Girl Scout Council where her passion for girls learning the skills to become leaders was evident in every vote and every action we took together on the Board.  Hell, she has six kids-who’s a better leader than a mom with six kids!  That’s management skills!  It’s about time we had a mayor like Luz (which means ‘light’ in Spanish). She knows first hand how to work with the legislature, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, blue and red dots alike, and most important, represents the west side of this city.

For too long our west side has been maligned, forgotten and dumped upon. Now with TRAX making Rose Park a desired location, Poplar Grove and the Granery District hip places to live and work, a new airport opening in 2020, a prison and this incomprehensible inland port coming fast at us it’s Luz that has the spoons to dish up understanding and historical knowledge to get us all talking (instead of yelling) at the same table.

I’m a west side business person and I delight in throwing my support behind this woman and her familia fabuloso!"

--Babs De Lay

Dr. Jennifer Plumb

"I am all in with support for Luz Escamilla as SLC's next mayor. She has tremendous breadth of experience, commitment to equity and representation for all, and tenacity to navigate the challenges facing our city. A record of successful experience across multiple sectors (governmental, community, and private) is important to me. Luz has that experience and will be able to use it from day one when elected. 


She doesn't just talk or rant about issues, she explores them to seek understanding, involves key representative partners, and then goes to work to get things done. This is what we need: Action!"

--Dr. Jennifer Plumb

Dane Hess

"I have seen Luz do incredible work over the several years she has been my representative. I know she has the skills it takes to build consensus with diverse institutions in implementing important changes on issues that are essential for a healthy SLC. Her work and life experiences have prepared her amazingly to be a powerful voice for all of SLC. I'm proud to support her campaign and urge you to vote Luz for SLC Mayor."

--Dane Hess
Glendale Community Council Chair

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