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Experienced. Qualified. Ready to Lead Salt Lake City.


The most frequent question undecided voters pose to our campaign is: what's the biggest difference between the two candidates. It's a worthwhile question. Both these candidates love Salt Lake City and want our city to meet its potential. Both have public service and nonprofit experience. They're both mothers and their youngest daughters even attended the same preschool together. What sets Luz apart is her experience and qualifications that uniquely position her to serve Salt Lake City, its residents and its employees as our next mayor. Don't take our word for it. Check out Luz's resume yourself.

Even setting aside her 11 years in the Utah State Senate, you'll see Luz's experience as a business executive where she managed people and projects. You'll see Luz has started and run her own business. You'll see Luz has served as the Director of the Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs, managing that organization's staff and budget (and is the only candidate with executive branch experience in government).

Luz's vast experience and qualifications matter because these executive, administrative and managerial skills are most applicable to role of Mayor. Our city faces complicated and pressing challenges that must be administered across 12 city departments, managing over 3,000 employees and coordinating city efforts with the state, county and other municipalities. Luz's experience in government, business and nonprofits has better prepared her to serve as our next mayor.

We hope you'll agree and, if you haven't already, we encourage you to vote Luz Escamilla for Salt Lake City Mayor.

The Day Before E-Day

With just 1 day left in this election, there's still steps you can take to support Luz:

1. Vote. And Get Everyone You Know To Vote.

If you're one of the many who have yet to vote, let's get that ballot turned in. Any questions on where or how to vote? Click HERE. Then, make sure you talk to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to make sure they vote Luz for Mayor!

2. Show Your Support On Social Media.

Don't keep your support for Luz to yourself. Share it! Take a selfie casting your ballot, write a post or tweet about why you voted Luz, use #IVotedLuz#IVotedLuz in your post or tweet, and add our Facebook Frame to your profile picture.

3. Volunteer on the Campaign.

Nothing makes more of an impact than you. Your time and energy are what drives our grassroots campaign. Click HERE to sign up to volunteer for any shift.

4. Dig Deep and Pitch In.

We have one last round of bills for our final push to Get Out The Vote (GOTV). If you can dig deep, we could use your financial support. Click HERE to donate.

1 Day Left! Let's Finish Strong!

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