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Our Field Team

A Note from the Field:

Election Day is here! We have this last day of hard work before we sit back and watch the results tonight. It has been a little over 7 months since this campaign started. In that time we built a formidable grassroots campaign from scratch.

We certainly could not have done it without our incredible volunteers who stepped up and volunteered their time, their energy and their passion. Luz will be posting later today to thank her volunteers, supporters and staff, but I take a moment today to thank our Luz for Mayor Field Team.

We started a band of three in the primary. We grew to a team of 11 for the general. Most of our team have worked on a campaign or two, but for most this is the largest campaign they’ve worked on. It has required a lot of them and each and every one of them rose to the challenge.

I’ve seen each of our field organizers and interns grow and develop their skills over the course of this campaign and I couldn’t imagine a better team to work with during the day-in and day-out of an aggressive field campaign.

I thought I would highlight each of them here in our final countdown campaign update.

This is Lance, our GOTV Director. He rocks the Bluetooth like it’s 2005 and he lives by the numbers.

This is John, our Deputy Field Director. He’s loud. He’s a goofball. And he leaves his stamp on everything he does. Oh, and he used to do standup.

This is Charis. I guess someone around here has to be classy and graceful.

This is Jazmin. Like a ninja, she approaches without any sound. Like a boss, she gets it done.

This is Aaron. His laugh, his sass and his deadpan stare will not be contained.

This is Will. Will hates disorganization. Even his hair is organized chaos.

Our interns have also been a crucial component of our team and our success. Thanks for all your hard work Graham, Sydnee, Hadly and Nick.

And here’s a shout out to Gabi, our volunteer coordinator during the primary who was stolen from us by that thief Pete Buttigieg and is lost somewhere in the cornfields of Iowa.

Seriously though, our Luz for Mayor field team has been an incredible group of people to spend all your time with and, win or lose, I am proud of the team we’ve become and the work we’ve done.


Richard Jaramillo

Field Director

Luz for Mayor

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